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Los Angeles is Top ENERGY STAR City

Energy Star Cities
Each year the EPA's ENERGY STAR program announces which cities were home to the most buildings that received ENERGY STAR certification in the previous year. We are thrilled that Los Angeles got #1 for 2018's ENERGY STAR Top Cities! During 2017 Los Angeles had 716 buildings certified! This is quite an accomplishment and the most buildings that the city has certified in one year. We are proud to have assisted in this, having certified almost 100 of these 716 LA buildings (14%) and thank all our Los Angeles partners who certified last year.

To put this in perspective, 716 buildings certified totals 145.3 million square feet certified. This approximately translates to 428,000 MTCO2 emissions prevented and a cost savings of roughly $229 million. Los Angeles has achieved the title of #1 Top ENERGY STAR City 6 times before (2014-2009), but the past three years Washington D.C. has topped the list. See the full list of ENERGY STAR 2018 Top Cities below:

Energy Star Cities List

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