MEP CA AB 1103

COVID-19 Safety Measures in Commercial Buildings

As more workers return to Office buildings building owners and operators are looking for ways to reduce COVID risk and protect their tenants from potential exposure. While social distancing and regular sanitization remain the most effective measures for avoiding infection there are a number of measures building operators can take to reduce COVID risk for occupants in their buildings.

Below listed from most cost-effective to least are measures that building operators may want to consider to reduce COVID spread in their commercial buildings:

  1. Run fans 2 hours before & 2 hours after occupancy or 24/7

  2. Increase ventilation, verify economizers are functional and disable DCV if present

  3. Increase HVAC MERV filtration if possible (MERV 17-20 most effective for filtration of viral pathogens)

  4. In-room portable HEPA - Opticlean

  5. Active filtration - NPBI

  6. Humidification

  7. UVC Lights for airstream

  8. UVC Lights for coils

For a more detailed breakdown on CDC recommendations for commercial buildings please visit ASHRAE's Pandemic Task Force page at the link below:

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