MEP CA AB 1103

Executing Sustainability in Engineering Design and Construction

Civil engineers should create environmentally friendly plans that include the objects of construction and specific targets in relation to building construction.

Benefits from Sustainability in engineering design and construction:
  • Site maps should to be sketched along with other sustainable factors like waste management, landscape, natural energy utilization, water management, and rainwater harvesting.
  • It is important to create designs that are flexible to sustainably build, and to be flexible enough to course correct if problems arise during construction.
  • Construction should be resilient to climate change.
  • Disposable materials need to be recycled to ensure that they don’t pollute the environment. Properly dispose of hazardous chemicals to avoid contamination of local ecosystems.

Sustainable construction provides long-term benefits, as structures are built to have a lower impact on the environment. Sustainability in engineering design and construction reduces pollution, reduces emissions and protects nature. Sustainable construction creates a healthy environment that benefits society.
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