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Get the most out of ENERGY STAR

MEP Energy Star Certificationr You have seen the benefits ENERGY STAR affords consumers and building owners, but that is not all the program has to offer. Being a partner with ENERGY STAR helps organizations and individuals not just use the program as a tool, but as a marketing initiative. An ENERGY STAR partner is an organization or business that works with ENERGY STAR and the EPA to increase their properties' energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR and its partners have a symbiotic relationship in which partners educate and expand the ENERGY STAR brand while bringing in new clients, improving their image, and growing their own business. How does one become a partner and what does that mean for your organization or company? Fortunately, it is both simple and free.

Becoming a partner with ENERGY STAR means committing to a few things. As explained on their webpage, ENERGY STAR partners are expected to:

  • Measure, track, and benchmark energy performance
  • Develop and implement a plan to improve energy performance, adopting the ENERGY STAR strategy
  • Educate your staff and the public about your partnership and achievements with ENERGY STAR

All of these criteria are made simple with ENERGY STAR's portfolio manager and additional resources that can be found on the ENERGY STAR website. The application process is easy to complete and comprehensively laid out on the ENERGY STAR website. By filling out a brief PDF you can become an ENERGY STAR partner and begin a mutually beneficial relationship with the growing program.

You certainly won't be in poor company by joining ENERGY STAR in a partnership. 57% of FORTUNE 100 companies are currently partnered with ENERGY STAR. 35% of FORTUNE 500 companies are partnered. When your application is approved you will be added to the ever growing list of ENERGY STAR partners on their webpage visible to thousands of property managers and owners. Additionally, becoming a partner allows you (and even encourages you) to use the ENERGY STAR logo in your businesses marketing campaigns and publications.

Join ENERGY STAR and its 6000 plus other partners today to begin making your industry a more educated and sustainable place!

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