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Green Building Consulting in California

Green Building Consulting in California

Green Building refers to structures that have used environment-friendly approaches throughout the different phases a building undergoes - starting from design to demolition. It requires co-operation and co-ordination in each phase from all personnel involved, architects to engineers to clients. The practice is complementary to age-old construction practices, but aims at improving comfort levels and reducing carbon footprints and degradation of the environment.

The California Green Building Standards Code or the CAL Green Code laid out general guidelines to reduce the negative impact buildings have on the environment. It is part 11 of the California building standards code. It encourages environmentally friendly practices in the following stages of building life cycles:

  • Planning and Design.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Water efficiency and conservation.
  • Material Conservation.
  • Resource efficiency.
  • Environmental quality.

Maximum Energy Professionals (MEP), is a leading consulting agency building Green Buildings since 1990. The main mission is to provide engineering design services and customized energy efficient solutions to building owners and managers to save money on utilities and reduce their carbon print at the same time. MEP offers services in Mechanical-Electrical-Plumping fields to cater to this mission. Mentioned below are a few major services provided by the company but are not limited to just these.

  • ENERGY STAR Award Certification: This certification indicates efficient usage of electricity in household electrical appliances.
  • EBEWE and AB802 compliance benchmarking: Measures and reports the energy usage by buildings larger than 50,000 sq. ft. ASHRAE Level I and II auditing: Level I measure the starting point of building energy optimization while level II deals with the breakdown of energy usage within the buildings.
  • Energy Conservation Designing: This refers to reducing the energy usage required for proper functioning of products and services.
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing System design: Mainly involves plant upgrades, tenant improvements, HVAC system designing, solar power generation and plumbing system designing to improve the energy efficiency in buildings.
  • Green Building Designing: The main aim is to design eco-friendly building throughout its lifecycle.
Every process aims a little more towards achieving the mission of engineering for a greener tomorrow and make the earth a greener place to live.

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