MEP CA AB 1103

Can HVAC Retrofits Mitigate Virus Risk?

Hello! We at Maximum Energy Professionals hope that you and your family are doing well and staying safe. We would like to share relevant information regarding HVAC retrofits that may mitigate virus risk. The principles are common and can be applied to your home as well as to a commercial facility.

  1. Space humidity levels play at critical role in minimizing the impact of microbes including viruses. Space humidity levels of 40 – 60% RH is optimal to minimize the risk.

  2. Increase ventilation rates in buildings to improve the quality of indoor air.

  3. Replace filters more often. When fan static allows, replace regular filters with MER13 or MERV15 filters. Look out for dirty filters and replace them often - at least quarterly, or more if you are in a dusty area of near a major thoroughfare.

  4. There is some research that shows utilizing bi-polar ionization technology in AHU or Space helps mitigation risk associated with airborne viruses. This technology generates millions of oppositely charged ions to flood the space. These ions then interact with viruses to neutralize them. There is both a commercial and residential version of the product available. For example, Atmos Aire / JCI has these products available, or contact us and we can give you a link.

  5. Ultraviolet lights using UV-C could also be used but they are most beneficial for surface decontamination and humans cannot be exposed to them for elongated periods. They can be used on air handler units or fan coils to eliminate germs on coils and filters. They can also be used on AHU for the decontamination of air when properly sized. Air velocity will need to be slow. COVID-19 has a single strand RNA structure. UV-C breaks the strands of RNA, making it inactive. Again we have links to available products from Sterile air and others.

  6. Existing air handler units, AC units, heat pumps or fan coils can be retrofitted with both of these technologies after due analysis.