MEP CA AB 1103

How the EPA Works with Building Performance Policies

In the past 18 months, more than 10 jurisdictions in the US have passed new building performance policies. The EPA provides guidance and tools to help governments at the local and state levels develop effective and consistent policies that reflect realities faced by business owners.

The EPA recommends that state and local BPS use the Site Energy Use Intensity (EUI) as their primary metric. This metric can be normalized to reflect difference in business activity and local weather patterns. Additionally, since they are encouraging electrification, the EPA recommends using a secondary direct emissions metric or the use of fossil fuel phaseout schedule.

To facilitate benchmarking and BPS compliance, the EPA also developed sample language that state and local governments can use to require their utilities to provide aggregated energy use data to building owners. State-level requirements can help utilities ensure the relevant data is delivered to the right buildings at the right interval.

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