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Net-Zero Energy Across the Globe

Net-Zero Energy Across the Globe

The Zero Energy Building is on the rise in cities across the globe. These buildings have a net energy footprint of zero, in some cases even less. By utilizing renewable energy technologies and energy efficient practices buildings can simultaneously reduce their energy use while generating energy on-site. The result is a net neutral energy footprint and it is even possible to generate more energy than you end up using.

Typical on-site renewable energy used to offset a Zero Energy Building's delivered energy include methods like photovoltaics, geothermal energy, wind powered turbines, and more. Some energy sources are more viable depending on climate and available means. Architecture can also selectively be used to impact a building's energy efficiency. Variables like shape and orientation can have surprisingly drastic impacts on a structure's energy footprint. One situation in which this becomes apparent is for buildings in cold climates. South-facing structures with large windows can generate as much as 50% of their heat taking advantage of passive solar gain. The necessity of electrical lighting can be mitigated using similar principles of orientation and design. System maintenance and life cycle analysis are crucial aspects of the Zero Energy Building. Occupant habits also play a key role in keeping a Zero Energy Building at zero. Conservation allows the renewable energy sources to keep pace with the tenants needs and the less you use the more excess energy is generated.

As technology becomes more available, knowledge and will become more pervasive, and the means become more attainable perhaps the non-Zero Energy building will become a thing of the past. Through engineering and innovation we can discard the restraints of municipal power and perhaps one day find ourselves living in a world where every single residence and business contributes to the communal well of energy rather than draw from it.

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