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ENERGY STAR is a voluntary government program that allows property owners to monitor their energy consumption to save money and reduce their impact on the environment. Users input their utility data and building information for a given property and the ENERGY STAR portal gives them a score from 1 to 100 rating their energy consumption based on building type and square footage. If a property gets a score of 75 or higher that means that property is eligible to apply for ENERGY STAR certification. A score of 75 indicates that your property is performing better than 75% of buildings of the same category. Making decisions like turning lights off, using ENERGY STAR rated products and appliances, turning off machines that are not in use, and using heating and air conditioning sparingly will help reduce your energy consumption and increase your ENERGY STAR score. A one percent reduction in energy use corresponds with an approximately one point increase in one's ENERGY STAR score.

ENERGY STAR participation grants users a number of rewards and with 75% of participants stating they would recommend the program it's clear that ENERGY STAR'S merits aren't just smoke and mirrors. ENERGY STAR products generally use 20-30% less electricity than competitors. There are currently over 25,000 ENERGY STAR Certified plants and buildings in the United States. ENERGY STAR certified buildings typically use 35% less energy than average buildings. An ENERGY STAR certification can also translate to an increase in property re-sale value and is attractive to commercial real estate investors.

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