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What does it mean to be a “Most Active” Licensed Professional?

An ENERGY STAR licensed professional, or LP, is an eligible professional that meets the eligibility criteria laid out by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) needed to verify commercial building applications for ENERGY STAR certification. These qualifications include the need to be knowledgeable about building systems, ASHRAE Standard 55 and 6.1, and the understanding of all applicable state and regional engineering and architecture licensure laws, as well as consideration of the regulations prior to offering or performing services in a jurisdiction.

In 2019, a Licensed Professional that verified at least 20 ENERGY STAR applications each year was considered a Most Active LP. Subsequent to 2019, 35 will be the minimum requirement of ENERGY STAR application verifications for an LP to be considered Most Active.

Maximum Energy Professionals has certified over 250 buildings between mid-2018 and the end of 2019, thus, comfortably earning the recognition of a Most Active Licensed Professional in 2019.

During the recent Most Active Licensed Professionals Community Webinar, The EPA recognized Maximum Energy Professions along five other organizations for their 100% accuracy rate in their submitted applications. The EPA’s recognition demonstrates Maximum Energy Professionals to be one of the most reliable and effectual Licensed Professionals and providers of the ENERGY STAR awards.

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