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Summertime Energy Saving Tips

Summertime is here and with it the temptation to blast the AC. However, you don't need to turn your building into a refrigerator and needlessly waste money and energy to stay comfortable. There are many ways you can help optimize your building temperature. Beat the heat without racking up a high energy bill by taking the following into consideration.

* Open your windows at night and take advantage of natural ventilation.

* Utilize fans. The airflow created by fans can allow you to raise your thermostat 4째F without any change in comfort level. Remember to turn them off when you leave the room though. Fans do not cool rooms, just people.

* Consider getting your windows treated. You can prevent heat gain through your windows by installing covers or treatment.

* Avoid using your oven. Instead cook using the stove, microwave or even grill outside.

* Make sure your vents are unobstructed to maximize airflow.

* Schedule regular maintenance for any cooling equipment you use (heat pumps, air conditioners, or evaporative coolers).

* Pay attention to flex alerts from your utility providers. Heat waves can strain the electric grid and the more people blasting their AC equipment the higher the risk of power outages.

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