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Sustainability in Engineering Design and Construction

Sustainability is utilizing available resources without impacting the environment. Sustainable principles are implemented to ensure that development and implementation of technology are performed in consideration of environmental factors. Practicing Sustainability in construction and engineering design creates an environmentally friendly building. It preserves resources and ensures that they are available for the future generations.
According to a survey, more than forty-five percent of carbon emissions originate from buildings; nearly seventy percent of these emissions arise from the provision of hot water and space heating. Demolition of a building contributes approximately thirty-two percent to waste; 14 percent of the products used in construction go unused and become waste. Environmental impact assessments need to consider this while building larger projects.

Benefits from Sustainability in engineering design and construction:
  • Builds an Ecosystem: Sustainable construction ensures that Mother Nature is not affected; it stops threatening nature.
  • Supports the environment: Sustainable construction motivates our community to build eco-friendly constructions and helps us to make critical decisions.
  • Reduces pollution: Sustainable construction eliminates construction waste and promotes recycling of unused materials to free them up for other purposes. It also disposes of waste in a responsible way.
  • Creates a healthy environment: More than forty percent of energy is consumed through construction activities. Implementing sustainable construction ensures that greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.
  • Minimizes waste and energy consumption.

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