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IEA World Energy Outlook


During November 2018 the International Energy Agency revealed the results of their annual World Energy Outlook. The IEA is an independent organization that assists policy makers in its 30 member nations to make decisions based on statistics and projections they make on the international oil market and other energy sectors. In their annual World Energy Outlook report the IEA breaks down the state of our global energy usage and infrastructure and identifies trends to make predictions for the coming years. Below are a few interesting facts about the state of the renewable energy sector:

  • 2017 saw renewable capacity growth of 178 gigawatts (GW), which is over two-thirds of the world's net electricity capacity increase. This makes 2017 a groundbreaking year for renewable power.
  • Solar photovoltaics grew the most with over 97GW added. Half of these additions were in China.
  • Onshore wind seems to be slowing down with 2017 being the second year that wind onshore wind power saw a decline in capacity growth in both China and the US.
  • The IEA forecasts a 46% growth (1 TW) in renewable capacity over 2018 through 2023.
  • Solar PV is expected to dominate renewable capacity growth during the period between 2018 and 2023 with an anticipated 575 GW of additional capacity expected to be added during that 6 year period. Utility scale solar PV is projected to make up 55% of that growth.

For more on the state of renewable energy check out the IEA's report at:

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