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Why your Energy Star Professional Matters

Does it really matter who you choose as your Commercial Building ENERGY STAR PE consultant? Isn’t it just a matter of “stamping an application”?

Yes it does matter, and No a qualified ENERGY STAR professional cannot simply “stamp an application”.

To receive an ENERGY STAR Award the building must be assessed and certified by a licensed Professional Engineer “PE” or Registered Architect. “RA”. The licensed professional reviews indoor environmental air quality, thermal conditions, illumination, gas and electric energy consumption and property usage details during the ENERGY STAR process. They also answer questions from the EPA and handle any potential future EPA audits.

Updates to the National ENERGY STAR commercial building database this year have resulted in much lower scores across the board. Many buildings that previously qualified for ENERGY STAR awards are no longer qualifying for this coveted honor.

At Maximum Energy Professionals our engineering team has 20 years of experience with the Commercial Building ENERGY STAR process. We are ranked #4 in the nation for ENERGY STAR awards (past 12 months). More importantly, a whopping 44% of our benchmarked properties qualify for an ENERGY STAR award, putting us at #1 in the nation for benchmark to ENERGY STAR conversion. No one else comes close. Give us a call about your building today! Experience matters.

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