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Office Building ENERGY STAR Certification is coming back online

The EPA has announced that office building ENERGY STAR scores are going to be coming back online later this month. Office buildings will once again be allowed to apply for ENERGY STAR certification starting July 31 2019. After several months of review and consultation they have determined that adjustments to the current office model that was released in August 2018 are needed. The EPA is reintroducing a heating degree data (HDD) adjustment into the score models. This results in more equitable scores for office properties in all climates. Some office buildings in colder climates will see score increases after this change is enacted. No buildings will see decreases in score.

The schedule for the roll out of ENERGY STAR certification for office buildings is as follows:

July 15: EPA will post a description of the review period findings at

July 17: EPA will be holding a webinar from 3-4 PM EDT to learn more about the review period, including an overview of comments received, their analysis, and the resulting adjustment that will increase scores for some office buildings in colder climates. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions about the office model and the findings. You can register for the webinar at the following link:

July 22: Updated office property scores will be able to be viewed on Portfolio Manager. Users may see score increases in some office buildings in colder climates.

July 31: Reinstatement of ENERGY STAR certification for office buildings.

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